Which engine oil is best for Honda Unicorn 160?

Engine oil is one of the most essential components of the engine. It keeps the engine lubricated and prevents wear. It also protects the engine from rust, corrosion and other contamination. Since each engine has a different design, every engine requires different things from the engine oil. This is why engine oil is divided into various grades based on the viscosity levels. Bike owners should carefully examine the owner’s manual to find out which engine oil is recommended by the manufacturer for that particular model. More information about suitable engine oil can also be found by consulting with local mechanics and dealerships. For the Honda Unicorn 160, the recommended engine oil grade is 10W-30.

What is 10W-30 engine oil?

As mentioned before, engine oil is divided into different grades, based on their thickness levels. This is because different viscosity levels are needed for different engine designs and models. The engine oil grade generally has two numbers in it, with the letter ‘W’ in the middle. This is because of how viscosity varies according to temperature. In colder climates, oil tends to thicken, while on the other hand, it becomes thinner in hot areas. Thus the first number in the grade indicates the thickness level of the oil in cold weather. This is also why it has a ‘W’ after it, meaning ‘Winter’. The second number in the grade indicates the thickness level in hot temperatures. Hence, in 10W-30, the thickness level of the oil will be 10 in the cold and 30 in the heat.

Which engine oil is the best for Honda?

Most people are aware of the importance of engine oil and changing it on time. However, a lot of people might ignore the details. As mentioned before, engine oil comes in different grades and types, based on the viscosity levels of the oil. Each engine design requires a specific thickness level for it to work properly. This is why, all bike owners are advised to read the owner’s manual to understand the most suitable grade of oil for their bike. Honda produces a lot of bikes, all of which have different recommended oil grades. For instance, most petrol require 0W to 20W grade engine oils while diesel ones range from 0W to 30W oils. In order to get more details about Honda recommendations for its vehicles, visit the official Honda site here

Is the Honda Unicorn 160 suitable for a long ride?

Whether or not a bike is suitable for long rides depends on a variety of factors like mileage, maintenance, comfort, etc. The Honda Unicorn 160 can most definitely be used for long rides. It is a powerful but comfortable bike, which can travel quite a distance in a single day. It has a good mileage of about 55 to 60 kmpl, which is another plus point. Furthermore, if you service your Honda Unicorn regularly, and keep an eye on the wheels, the engine oil, the mileage, etc. you can get more output from it, making it cost effective even for long rides. Another thing to keep in mind while using the bike for long rides, is the importance of riding responsibly. Riding too fast, changing gears too harshly or braking too suddenly can all damage the bike in the long run and therefore must be avoided.



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