The Best Engine Oil For Royal Enfield Hunter 350

The Best Engine Oil For Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Ensuring the smooth functioning of your motorcycle requires more than just washing and cleaning, it requires proper maintenance and care. Your bike’s tire pressure, battery, spark plugs, air filter, and most importantly, your bike’s engine oil should be checked regularly. This is part of regular maintenance to keep the bike’s internals in good condition. The best motor oil for your Royal Enfield Hunter 350 depends on many factors such as model year, engine type and driving conditions. However, as a general guide, Royal Enfield recommends using SAE 15W50 API Grade JASO MA2 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil  for Hunter 350  bikes. Engine oil grades retain their viscosity even at high temperatures. Semi-synthetic oil can be replaced with synthetic oil depending on the application. 

It is fundamental to use a motor oil that meets the desired thickness and execution benchmarks indicated by the manufacturer. The API SN standard guarantees that the oil gives great motor assurance, progresses fuel effectiveness, and diminishes outflows. The JASO MA2 detail demonstrates that the oil is appropriate for utilize in damp clutch frameworks commonly found in motorcycles.You Should always check your bike owner’s manual or counsel a certified Royal Enfield specialist for the precise motor oil determinations for your particular model and year of the RE Hunter 350. This will guarantee that you just utilize the proper sort of motor oil for your cruiser and offer assistance to keep up its ideal execution and life span. 

What is the actual mileage of the RE Hunter 350?

Actual mileage of RE Hunter 350 may vary depending on several factors including driving conditions, driver habits, terrain and maintenance practices. Royal Enfield  reports that Hunter 350 has an actual mileage of 35 km/h. According to Arai, the average fuel consumption of the RE Hunter 350 is 36 km/h. It is important to note that mileage numbers are estimates based on ideal conditions and actual mileage may vary depending on many factors.  

Engine oil capacity of RE Hunter350

The engine oil capacity of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is approximately 2.5 liters. That means you should add about 2.5 liters of oil to your engine each time you change the oil. It is important to use the correct type of oil for your engine. Using the wrong type of oil can seriously damage your engine. 

What are the key factors to consider when choosing the best engine oil for your Royal Enfield Hunter 350?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the best Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Motor Oil. The first step in choosing the right motor oil is knowing the make and model of your vehicle. New high performance engines are being developed to improve efficiency, and new oil formulations are also being developed to accommodate these improvements. 

Secondly, is the viscosity of the oil. This refers to the thickness of the oil and the good flow of the oil. You should choose an oil with a viscosity suitable for your climate. 

Third factor to consider is the additives in the oil. These additives help improve engine performance and protect against wear. Choose an oil with the right additives for your needs. 

Why should the bike engine oil be changed regularly?

Although engine oil is highly refined, it is very coarse and can damage an engine without oil. In addition, the moving parts of a bike  engine create a lot of friction, which is minimized by engine oil. As you ride your bike, dust and dirt continue to enter your engine through the seals.

These contaminants mix with the engine oil, making it more slushy and reducing efficiency. Additionally, carbon deposits inside the engine build up with the engine oil and affect engine performance. Therefore, in order to keep your bike’s engine running smoothly and efficiently, it is recommended to change your bike’s engine oil regularly, say every 2-3 months.

Draining old oil from your engine and adding new oil keeps all parts well lubricated and clean, keeping your bike performing at its best.

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