Best Engine Oil for Bajaj Pulsar 150


When it comes to keeping your Bajaj Pulsar 150 running smoothly, one of the most important maintenance tasks is choosing the right engine oil. The engine oil you select plays a critical role in ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your motorcycle. This guide will provide you with essential information based on your user manual to help you make an informed choice.

As per user manual, the recommended engine oil grade for Pulsar 150 motorcycle is 20W-50

Engine Oil Specifications for Bajaj Pulsar 150

The specifications for engine oil for a Bajaj Pulsar 150 can vary depending on the specific model and year. However, here are some general guidelines based on the typical requirements for this motorcycle. Keep in mind that it’s essential to consult your specific model’s owner’s manual or contact a Bajaj dealership for the most accurate information. 

  • Viscosity Grade: 

Bajaj Pulsar 150 motorcycles typically require engine oil with a viscosity grade of either 10W-30 or 20W-50. The exact recommended viscosity may vary, so check your owner’s manual for the precise specification.

  • API Performance Standard: 

Look for engine oils that meet or exceed the API (American Petroleum Institute) performance standard specified in your owner’s manual. Common API designations include SG, SH, SJ, or SN. The specific API standard required can vary depending on the model and year of your Pulsar 150.

  • JASO Specification (For 4-Stroke Models): 

If your Bajaj Pulsar 150 is a 4-stroke model (which is typical for this motorcycle), you should consider the JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization) specification. Look for JASO MA or JASO MA2 on the engine oil container, indicating compatibility with 4-stroke motorcycles and wet clutches.

  • Change Interval: 

Your owner’s manual will also provide guidance on how often you should change the engine oil. Adhering to the recommended oil change interval is crucial for maintaining your motorcycle’s performance and engine health. 

End Note:

Please note that these specifications are general guidelines, and the specific requirements for your Bajaj Pulsar 150 may vary depending on the model and year. Always refer to your owner’s manual or consult with a Bajaj dealership to ensure you are using the correct engine oil for your motorcycle. Additionally, it’s essential to use high-quality engine oil from reputable brands to ensure the proper lubrication and longevity of your motorcycle’s engine.

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