Which engine oil is best for Activa 6G?

Honda Activa6G

For the Activa 6G, the recommended grade of engine oil is 10W-30 and the best type of engine oil is synthetic oil, since it lasts longest and offers most protection. 

Every vehicle requires engine oil for it to function well. This is because the engine oil completes the essential task of lubricating the moving parts in an engine, thus reducing wear.

Furthermore, it also protects the engine from rust, corrosion and other pollutants. While all engines require engine oil, their needs differ according to the design and use of the engine.

This is why engine oil is divided into different grades and types. Oil grades are based on viscosity of the oil while oil types indicate the degree of refinement (i.e. mineral oil, semi-synthetic or synthetic oil). Bike owners should always check the owner’s manual to understand the needs of their engine and figure out which engine oil is best.

Can I use 20W-40 grade engine oil in Activa 6G?

Every engine requires a specific grade of engine oil. This grade is determined based on the design of the engine, the model of the car, its capacity and the circumstances of its use. This engine oil grade is the one that the manufacturer recommends for the specific engine in question.

This recommendation is given in all owner’s manuals and should be followed as far as possible. As mentioned before, the recommended grade for Activa 6G is 10W-30, which is the most ideal grade for that bike. Other grades will not be as effective and may even cause damage in the long term.

20W-40 is a grade that is quite thicker than 10W-30. This is why it is meant for engines that are different from that of Activa 6G and therefore not suitable for Activa 6G.

It is best to use only the recommended engine oil grade and not deviate from that. 

Do I need to change engine oil in Activa 6G?

Engine oil is supposed to protect and lubricate the engine. Over time, the heat of the engine can cause the engine oil to break down.

Furthermore, as the oil keeps the engine clean, it also accumulates pollutants and dirt of its own. It becomes grimy and unclean with age. All this hampers the oil’s ability to properly do its job.

Once the engine oil is rendered ineffective with age, the engine is put at risk. Without good engine oil, the engine can sustain a lot of damage and in some cases, even seize up and stop working altogether.

Thus, to prevent this, it is essential that engine oil be changed from time to time, in all vehicles. You should refer to the owner’s manual and understand how and when the engine oil of your bike needs to be changed and follow a strict oil change schedule.

When should you change oil in Active 6G?

For the Activa 6G, the recommended change interval is after completion of 500 to 700 kms for the first time and then after 2,500 kms post the first oil change.

As mentioned earlier, changing the engine oil is an essential maintenance process that should be followed regularly.

The oil change interval differs from bike to bike, based on a number of factors. The type of engine and model of the bike, the age of the bike as well as the quality and grade of engine oil used all affect its change interval.

Similarly, whether the bike is ridden roughly or responsibly, and what kind of roads and traffic it’s ridden in, also determines how often the oil needs to be changed. Bike owners should refer to the owner’s manual to find out the change interval for their bike.

Regular changing of engine oil, as recommended by the manufacturers is one of the most important service and maintenance tasks that all bike owners must complete without fail. 

What is the oil capacity of Activa 6G?

800 ml

Before changing the engine oil in a bike, it is important to know certain basic things about the bike and the whole process.

For instance, you need to know what type and grade of engine oil is to be used and how often the oil needs to be changed. Furthermore, you need to know where the engine oil goes in the bike and how to refill it yourself.

Another important thing that people might forget to research about is the oil capacity of the bike. Engine oil capacity refers to the volume of engine oil that can be filled inside the engine. It is imperative that bike owners check the owner’s manual to find out what the oil capacity of their bike is. Filling too much oil can result in leaks, while filling too little can result in engine seizure.

The oil capacity of Activa 6G is 0.7 litres. Throughout the life of the bike, owners should keep an eye on the oil levels in their bike and ensure it is appropriate with the oil capacity. 



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