Which is the best engine oil for Hero Glamour?

Which is the best engine oil for Hero Glamour

The engine oil is one of the most important aspects of the engine, since it lubricates the internal parts and prevents wear and tear of the engine. Furthermore, engine oil also helps in keeping the engine clean and prevents rust, corrosion or any other contamination. Each vehicle has a specific type and grade of engine oil that is recommended for that model, depending on the design of the vehicle and other specifications. The manufacturer’s recommendation for engine oil can be found in the owner’s manual and all bike owners should try to use only the recommended oil for their bike, to prevent any potential problems. For the Hero Glamour, the recommended engine oil is 10W30 synthetic or semi-synthetic oil. 

Should I use synthetic oil for Hero Glamour?

As mentioned before, bike owners should refer to the owner’s manual to understand the needs of their bike and choose an engine oil accordingly. In the case of Hero Glamour, the recommended engine oil is 10W30 grade. The grade refers to the thickness of the oil. However, another important consideration to be made is the type of engine oil i.e. conventional, semi-synthetic or synthetic. Synthetic oil is the most advanced type of engine oil that is fully manufactured in the laboratory. It is tailor made to protect engines in all conditions and is widely regarded as the best type of engine oil available in the market today.  Due to its superior protection and lubrication qualities, using synthetic oil for your Hero Glamour would be a very good decision. owners should keep checking oil levels from time to time through the dipstick to keep the engine running well. 

The main function of engine oil is lubrication of the internal parts of the engine. Thus, when a bike is low on engine oil, the lubrication gets affected first. Low oil levels will cause parts like the pistons and cylinders to grind on each other and create friction. This in turn will cause metallic, grinding noises to be heard from the engine. 

As mentioned before, low oil levels cause a lack of lubrication and lead to friction being created between parts of the engine. Higher friction then leads to higher temperatures within the engine. If you notice the engine overheating and the temperature of the engine to be higher than what it normally is, then it can be because of the lack of engine oil. 


Engine oil is the lifeblood of the bike. By protecting and lubricating the engine, it allows the bike to run smoothly and prevents severe engine damage. Every engine requires a certain minimum amount of engine oil to be present, for it to run well. Over time, the heat of the engine causes a small amount of engine oil to evaporate. Apart from this, internal and external leaks are the biggest causes for oil levels to drop down suddenly. Bike owners should keep a keen eye on their oil gauge and check engine oil levels from time to time. Apart from this, if you notice grinding noises or engine overheating, then it could indicate low oil levels in the engine. If the oil levels in your bike are low, you should get the leak fixed and the oil refilled immediately to avoid big engine issues like engine seizure, etc. 

When to change engine oil in Hero Glamour?

As a bike gets used, the engine oil becomes less and less effective over time. This is because it starts collecting dirt and grit from the engine, the oil may break down because of the heat and there might also be some amount of evaporation of oil. Thus, it is extremely important to change a bike’s engine oil from time to time to ensure that the engine has proper protection at all times. The duration between oil changes depends on the bike, its usage as well as the type and grade of engine oil used. Owners should refer to the manual to find out what the recommended engine oil change duration is for their bike. For the Hero Glamour, it is recommended that you change the engine oil after every 2000 km of travelling, or after every 6 months, whichever is sooner.

What is the engine oil capacity of Hero Glamour?

Before embarking on the task of changing your bike’s engine oil, you must first carefully read the owner’s manual to find out important details like the type and grade of engine oil needed, the change duration as well as the engine oil capacity of your bike. Each bike engine has a specific amount of oil that is needed for it to function well, which varies as per the size of the bike and design of the engine. Filling too much or too little oil can be harmful for your bike, which is why engine oil capacity is an important specification to keep in mind before oil changes. The Hero Glamour needs 900 ml or 1 litre of engine oil for every oil change.

What is the mileage of Hero Glamour?

Mileage refers to the distance a bike can travel on a specific amount of fuel. A bike that has a higher mileage can travel greater distances on one litre of petrol, and is therefore better from the savings point of view. While buying a bike, mileage is one of the factors that most people stress on, since a bike with very low mileage can be a huge problem later on. The mileage of a bike is not constant. It depends on the age of the bike, what kinds of roads it is used on, the rider’s riding style, the quality of fuel used, the maintenance of the bike, etc.  On an average, the Hero Glamour has a mileage of 65 kmpl (kilometres per litre). 

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