Which is the best engine oil for Bajaj CT100?

best engine oil for Bajaj CT100

Engine oil is an extremely important component of the engine. It provides lubrication to the internal moving parts of the engine and protects them from wear and tear. Furthermore, it also prevents any contamination in the engine. It prevents rust and corrosion and also carries away dirt, grime or other such particles in the engine. Each bike comes with its own recommended engine oil grade and type, which is mentioned in the owner’s manual. For the Bajaj CT100, the recommended engine oil is 20W-50 grade mineral oil. While you can also use semi-synthetic or synthetic oil for this bike, since it is a low power and low torque 100 cc bike, even mineral oil or conventional oil will be sufficient to make it run smoothly. 

Can I use synthetic oil in a 100cc bike?

Usually for bikes upto and less than 100cc, mineral oil is the preferred type of engine oil, since it is light and induces less stress on the engine. Since 100cc are low powered bikes, oils that don’t add load to the engine are best. However, for bikes from 100cc to 150 cc, even semi-synthetic oils are a good choice. These last longer than mineral oils and do not load the engine excessively either. While technically there is no harm in using synthetic oil in a 100cc bike, it is not advisable, since synthetic oil might add unnecessary load to the already low-powered engine. Furthermore, it is also way more expensive than mineral or semi-synthetic oil and can therefore be a waste of resources. For 100cc bikes, mineral or semi-synthetic engine oil is preferred over fully synthetic one.

How often should I change the engine oil for Bajaj CT100?

Over time and with use, engine oil can become ineffectual. It can break down or evaporate due to the heat of the engine. It can also become very dirty by keeping the engine clear. Low oil levels or dirty oil does not protect the engine well and thus, engine oil must be changed from time to time. The duration of oil changes for a bike depends on the type and model of the engine as well as the type of oil used. For the Bajaj CT100, engine oil change durations are as follows –

  • In the case of mineral oil, it will need to be changed every 1000 kms.
  • In the case of semi-synthetic oil, it will need to be changed every 1000 to 2500 kms.
  • In the case of synthetic oil, it will need to be changed every 2500 to 3000 kms. 

What is the mileage of Bajaj CT100?

Mileage of a bike refers to the distance it can travel in a specified amount of fuel. In India, mileage is expressed in terms of the number of kilometres a bike can travel on one litre of fuel. The higher the mileage of a bike, the more cost efficient and environmentally friendly it is, since you don’t need to constantly refuel it after short distances. The Bajaj CT100 has a mileage of 89 kmpl or kilometre per litre. This is quite a good mileage and can be increased or maintained through proper care of the bike, responsible driving and using good quality fuel. 

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