What bike oil is recommended for the Suzuki Access 125?

The bike oil or engine oil used in vehicles depends on its engine type, design and usage. Engine oil is divided into various grades based on its viscosity or thickness. 

Different types of engines require different levels of viscosity in engine oils. For the Suzuki Access 125, Suzuki recommends synthetic engine oil of 10W-30 grade. 

What is the engine oil capacity of Suzuki Access 125?

The engine oil capacity is the volume of engine oil that needs to be filled in the engine for it to function properly. It depends on factors like the size of the vehicle, the type and power of the engine, etc. The engine oil capacity of Suzuki Access 125 is 850 ml. 

Does Access 125 have an oil filter?

An engine requires an oil filter to filter out all pollutants and contaminants from the engine oil. It keeps the oil in optimum condition for a long time. Oil filters are an essential component of any vehicle. 

Without them, the engine could easily become damaged due to outside contamination. Since it is so essential, most manufacturers sell vehicles with built- in oil filters which owners can change later on. The Suzuki Access 125 too, has oil filters, which can be changed later with usage. 

Does Suzuki recommend synthetic oil?

There are three main types of engine oil available in the market, namely, mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil and synthetic oil. Mineral oil is the crudest out of the three and thus manufacturers do not  recommend it for modern vehicles. 

Synthetic oil, however, is the latest technology in the automobile industry and is fully created in the laboratory. Since it is engineered to perfectly cater to the engine’s needs, synthetic oil is the type that is recommended for most modern vehicles today. 

What kind of engine oil does Suzuki Access 125 use?

The kind of engine oil required in a motorcycle varies depending on the vehicle. The company recommends synthetic motorcycle engine oil of 10W-30 grade for Suzuki Access 125. 

However, motorcycle owners should always check the user manual or the company website to find out exactly what type and grade of engine oil is recommended for their particular bike model. 

When should I change the oil in my Suzuki Access 125?

You need to change engine oil regularly in order for it to function well. This is because, over time, engine oil starts to break down and become affected by contaminants. 

If you use damaged engine oil for a long time, it will reduce the efficiency of the engine. 

For  Suzuki Access 125, manufacturers recommend the first engine oil change to take place after 500 km to 750 km, and then again after every 2500 km. 



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