Does spark plug affect fuel consumption?

A spark plug is what causes the air/fuel mixture in the engine’s combustion chamber to ignite, thus propelling it forward. 

If the spark plugs are worn, dirty or ineffective, then they can cause the engine to misfire. When an engine misfires, it leads to poor engine performance, which in turn also affects the car’s fuel economy. 

Thus, bad spark plugs can decrease engine efficiency and force it to consume more fuel, thus increasing the car’s fuel consumption.

 According to some studies, spark plugs can decrease a car’s fuel economy by 30%. So, if there is a sudden drop in gas mileage, there is a chance it is because of the spark plugs being faulty

What do spark plugs do?

In an engine, there exists a mixture of air and fuel inside the combustion chamber. This air/fuel mixture, when ignited, causes the pistons inside the chamber to move. 

This further gives rise to a series of actions, which ultimately, cause the car to be propelled forward. This whole process is dependent upon the ignition of the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. That is where spark plugs come in. 

A spark plug is the part that ignites this fuel and helps the car move forward. Since the spark plug is an essential component, they also affect other aspects of the car such as fuel economy and overall performance. 

Do spark plugs affect acceleration?

As mentioned before, a spark plug is an essential component of a car’s engine and therefore, a faulty spark plug can affect a lot of different functions of the car. 

When a spark plug is worn out, it causes the engine to become unable to respond properly to the driver’s actions. This means that the car struggles to pick up speed when the acceleration pedal is pressed. 

If you notice a lack of acceleration in your car, one of the reasons could be a bad spark plug. 

Does spark plug affect performance?

A spark plug is responsible for igniting the fuel in the engine’s combustion chamber. It is therefore vital to the functioning of the engine.

 When the spark plug is faulty, it naturally affects a lot of other aspects of the car too. 

Faulty spark plugs can cause a number of issues like misfiring of the engine, reduced acceleration, increase in fuel consumption, issues with starting, reduced power, etc. Thus, a bad spark plug can definitely affect the overall performance of an engine. 

Is it expensive to replace spark plugs?

Spark plugs are not very expensive and thus the process of buying new ones and replacing the old ones is also pretty cheap. 

In India, a spark plug can generally cost from 300 to 500 INR and the cost of installation should be between 100 to 250 INR, depending on which mechanic shop you go to. 

It is true that you will have to buy multiple spark plugs at the same time, so the cost may pile up. However, since spark plugs do not have to be changed very often, the costs are not that huge. 

Furthermore, by changing the spark plugs, you also increase the car’s performance and fuel economy, thus saving money in the end. 

Why does my car shake after I have changed the spark plugs?

A lot of people get their spark plugs changed to resolve engine issues or to increase the overall performance of their car. 

However, changing a spark plug is a delicate process and if done wrong, it can lead to even more problems. If you notice your car shaking after changing the spark plug, it could mean that the new spark plugs are also faulty or have been damaged. 

However, the chances of this happening are slim and so it could also be a problem with the installation. 

If the leads of the spark plugs aren’t pushed into the terminals properly or if they are installed in the wrong order, then it could cause the car to shake. 

It is best to take the car to a mechanic shop to get the spark plug changed and to inspect the new spark plugs before you install them. 



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