Motorbike maintenance checklist

Every vehicle requires regular and consistent maintenance and upkeep in order for it to function properly. 

This is especially true for motorbikes, since they can be used for long rides, on rough roads, city roads as well as used only seasonally. 

Every motorcycle owner should keep an eye on the vital parts of the bike and ensure that they are all functioning well. Here is a list of all the things you should keep in mind while using a motorbike:


Change the oil

The engine oil completes the essential function of protecting the engine and keeping its internal parts lubricated. However, over time, this oil breaks down due to the heat and also gets contaminated by a variety of pollutants. 

Motorcycle owners should check their bikes’ owner’s manual to find out how often the engine oil should be changed and what type of oil should be used. 

Changing the oil frequently, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, is one of the best ways to ensure that the engine lasts longer and functions optimally.

Replace air filters

The bike’s air filter is needed to keep dust, dirt and debris out of the engine. If this filter is clogged with dirt, then the bike’s performance is sure to suffer. 

Furthermore, since the engine will require extra effort to suction in air, it will also take up more fuel and reduce your fuel economy. Thus, you should check the air filter from time to time and replace it every time it gets too clogged. 

Change the coolant

The coolant refers to the fluid in the bike’s system that prevents the engine from getting overheated or freezing. 

The coolant essentially maintains the optimum temperature in the engine and helps it function well. However, as is the case with other parts, the coolant becomes less and less effective with time and thus needs to be changed once in a while. 

The owner’s manual generally specifies the duration after which the coolant should be changed and motorbike owners should keep this in mind. 

Check pressure and tyre thread

The tyres are obviously an essential component in the health of the bike. If the air pressure in the tyre is not on the correct level, the bike takes up more fuel and thus ramps up the cost of operation. 

Furthermore, when the air pressure is incorrect, there are also chances of accidents and punctures happening, which can result in severe injuries. 

Thus, the tyre pressure should be checked very often at petrol pumps or service stations. 

Check the tyre tread

The tyre tread refers to the patterns on the tyres that are essential in maintaining the level of friction between the tyre and the road. 

The tyres can get worn out and bald over time and with use and such tyre treads can cause serious accidents and should be avoided at all costs

Thus, checking the tyre tread once in a while and replacing tyres if needed is an important task

Clean the chain

The motorcycle chain is an essential component that is important for the proper functioning of the tyres. 

However, over time the chain can get dirty and coated with grime, especially since it is oily and thus can attract dirt. 

Motorbike owners should check the chain frequently and brush off the grime and dirt when needed. 

Check the battery

The battery is another component of the bike that can develop issues with age. Batteries can become discharged or damaged if the bike is not used for a long time

Similarly there can be issues with wires getting disconnected. 

Motorbike owners, especially those that have not used their bike for some time, should always get the battery checked and recharged or replaced if needed.

Maintain the brakes

The health of the bike’s brakes is essential from a safety perspective. Brakes too, can get worn out with use and can become loose and disconnected. 

Furthermore, there can be issues with brake fluid, which can cause brakes to get stuck as well. 

Thus, it is important to keep an eye on the brakes and get them checked and tightened if you feel them becoming loose with time. 

Clean the external body

While maintaining the internal parts of the bike is essential, it is also equally important to keep the bike clean and shiny from the outside. 

Too much accumulation of mud or dust on the bike can not only make it look old and worn out, but it can also affect the bike’s performance

Mud getting stuck on the bike, especially in the monsoons, can cause damage to other parts and thus bike owners should keep the outside area of the bike clean and tidy. 


Maintaining a bike is an ongoing task and it is essential if you want to prolong the life of your bike. 

Furthermore, proper maintenance can also save you lots of extra costs in heavy damage, accidents, replacements, punctures, etc. 

Motorcycle owners should regularly check the outside parts such as the body, the tyres, the tread, and the chain as well as keep a close eye on the internal components like the brakes, engine oil, air filters, coolant, etc. 

Furthermore, bike owners should read the owner’s manual carefully to understand their bike’s maintenance needs. 



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