Which engine oil is best for a Passion Pro bike?

When choosing an engine oil for your bike, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer and the specifications of the bike and its engine, as given in the owner’s manual. Hero MotorCorp recommends bike owners to use 10W-30 grade engine oil for all Passion series bikes including Passion Pro, Passion X Pro, Passion Pro Plus, etc. Hence, it is best for Passion Pro owners to use synthetic 10W-30 engine oil for their bike. Apart from that, similar oil grades like 10W-20 or 10W-40 can also be used.

What is 10W-30 oil?

Engine oil is divided into grades depending on the thickness or viscosity of the oil. Different types of engines require different grades of oil. This is why most vehicles come with certain grades of oils that are recommended for that particular model. 10W-30 is also an engine oil grade. Here, the numbers in the grade denote the viscosity level of the oil in cold as well as hot temperatures. This is because oil tends to thicken in the cold and becomes thin when it is hot. In the 10W-30 engine oil, the thickness level of the oil is 10W in the cold and is 30 in hotter temperatures.  Lower grade oils, such as 5W-20 are thinner, while higher grade oils like 20W-40 are thicker. 

When should I change the engine oil in my Passion Pro bike?

Engine oil is used to keep the engine well-lubricated and to protect it from rust, corrosion or contamination. Over time, engine oil accumulates pollutants and dirt particles that hinder it from functioning optimally. This is why engine oil needs to be changed every once in a while. If you keep using contaminated engine oil for a long time, it can lead to engine damage and faster wear and tear. The engine oil change interval depends upon the type and grade of oil being used as well as the model of the vehicle. For the Hero Passion Pro, the recommended oil change interval is after every 2,500 km to 3,000 km. It is important to check the owner’s manual and consult local dealerships and mechanics to understand the oil change needs of your bike. 

Which engine oil is the best  for Passion Pro bike?

Engine oil comes in different grades and types, according to the differing needs of engines. The three main types of engine oil are conventional motor oil, semi synthetic oil and synthetic oil. 

Among these, synthetic engine oil is the latest development and the most advanced. It is engineered fully in a laboratory and lasts longer, is more resistant to break downs and protects the engine better than the other two types. Hence, it can be said that synthetic engine oil is the best type of oil. 

Engine oil is also divided into grades on the basis of thickness. Grades such as 5W-20, 10W-30 or 20W-40 indicate how thick the oil becomes in the cold as well as how thin it is in the heat. It is impossible to determine which oil grade is the best. 

This is because each engine has a specific required oil grade, based on its particular design. Furthermore, the circumstances of use, the age of the engine, as well as the temperature of the place it is used in, can determine which oil grade is best suited for an engine. On an average, colder places require thinner oils and warm weathers need thicker oils. 

Thicker oils are able to offer more lubrication and protection, but can reduce mileage and overload the engine. On the other hand, thin oils are great for fast, high powered engines, but can lead to more wear and tear. Any vehicle owner should first understand the requirements of their vehicle’s engine, take into consideration the recommendations of the manufacturer and only then decide which engine oil is best for them. 

What engine is used in Passion Pro? 

Before buying any bike, it is important for the bike owner to be sure of the specification of that bike, especially the engine. It is only after understanding the features of the engine, can a buyer determine whether or not that particular vehicle can suit their needs and requirements. The Passion Pro bike has an advanced 113 cc engine with the power output of 6.73kW at 7500 RPM, with higher torque on demand. It has xSens with a Programmed Fuel Injection engine and features the revolutionary i3S technology. You can get the full specifications of the Passion Pro bike series on the Hero MotoCorp website here.



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