Engine Oil Manufacturers in Maharashtra

With a staggering growth in the past decade, we can ascertain that the automotive lubricants industry in India is booming at an alarming rate. Statistics proving this is how the Indian automotive lubricants market accounted for $4.9 billion in the year 2017 and is expected to reach $10.3 billion by 2027

As the industry converges with an ever-expanding market, the increased production of these lubricants could be narrowed down to the following reasons;

  1. Heightened interests in personal mobility 
  2. Secure and convenient financial options
  3. Stable and economical crude oil prices
  4. Consumer awareness about automotive lubricants

When it comes to India, the scope of this industry, established within the far-reaching market segmentation in millions of units, has increased unwaveringly since the past years. 

The industry is segmented by engine oils, hydraulic fluid, general Industrial oils, gear oils, greases, process oils, which is expected to register a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 4.64% during the forecast 2019-24. 

The ‘Development of Lubricants Industry in the Next 5 Years’ report by Mosil Lubricants states that out of all the product type segmentation, engine oils have the largest volume share out of them all. 

Maharashtra notably has joined the ranks of major states manufacturing high-quality lubes required for the automation enterprise.

To enunciate, engine oils are highly essential for the industry. This is because engine oils provide crucial properties to the engine, one of the most vital components of a vehicle. 

The engine is responsible for powering your car or bike by burning the fuel and hence, producing mechanical power. In this case, engine oils sufficiently lubricate and protect the critical internal parts of the engine. 

Given the demand and significance of engine oils, many players in the market manufacture a wide range of engine oils, in both mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic types.

Top Engine Oil Manufacturers in Maharashtra


A range of lubricants by Lubeco Green Fluids, Supergen is a premium automotive-lubricants manufacturer nestled in the cultural capital of Maharashtra; Pune. Producing a wide range of variants, Supergen specializes in engine oils, categorized into three kinds for the consumer’s ease and convenience. To centralize their needs, the series includes – Silver for Minerals grades, Silver+ for Premium Mineral grades, Golden for Semi-Synthetic grades, and Platinum for our Fully-Synthetic engine oils. Additionally, they provide transmission oils, ATF’s (Automatic Transmission Oils), engine cleaners, hydraulic powerpacks, slideways, presses industrial gear lubrication and industrial gear lubrication. Consumers can also benefit from a high viscosity index, engine life longevity and decreased fuel consumption. 

Kelo Care Genuine Oil

A well-known engine-manufacturing brand in Maharashtra, Kelo Care provides lubricants for Kirloskar-made engines specifically. They formulate oils that strengthen engine operation along with increasing the drain interval time. Their lubricant range consists of ‘Genuine Oil Super,’ ‘Genuine Oil Premium’ and ‘Genuine Oil Petro+’. 

Geo Lube Oil Services 

Channel partners of Addinol Lubricants, Geo Lube Oil Services manufactures engine oils, transmission oils, ATF’s and industrial fluids. These lubricants, made from Addinol, come with the ‘Made in Germany’ seal and support you with top-grade performance. They focus on decreased oil changes, great mileage and fewer maintenance costs. Their journey began in 2017 and is gradually expanding throughout Maharashtra. 

GP Petroleum Ltd. 

Formerly known as Sah Petroleums, GP Petroleum Ltd. is a renamed Indian lubricant company acquired by UAE-based Gulf Petroleum group. It specializes in industrial and automotive lubricants, transformer and process oils, and many more. 

Indo Petro

Engaged in industrial chemicals, lubrication oils and much more, Indo Petro offers quality-assured products and chemicals. Established in the year 2006, the company also produces paint thinners, liquid acetone, PVC resin, refined glycerine, etc. 

Powerzone Oil 

Powerzone oil is a manufacturer and exporter of automotive lubricants dealing with speciality oils and lubricants, greases, fuels, and fluids. They provide properties of thermal stability, extended shelf-life, noted viscosity, additive makeup, etc. Incorporating the newest technology, the company aims to produce premium standard products. 

Environ Specialty Chemicals Pvt. Ltd 

Offering a range of lubricants, base oils, polymers, coatings, inks and adhesives, Environ Specialty Chemicals was established in 1995. It provides a range of services including distribution, import, export as well as outsourcing of raw material procurement. 


Putting forward an array of products and services, Valvoline Cummins Private Limited aims to reduce operating cost and improve productivity in the industry. One of the leading companies of India, it is involved in production, distrubution along with marketing of lubricants, greases and other allied products.  

Wurth India Pvt Ltd.

Wurth Group India offers a wide-ranging assortment of automotive lubricants such as engine oils and includes safety products, tools and equipments. The company is divided into five divisions namely; automotive, construction, metal, wood and hospitality. 

Euro Line

A manufacturer and supplier of engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils and many more, Euroline provides a diverse specifications to achieve ultimate performance. The company is also engaged in transmission oils, zero radiator coolant and Euro Line AP Grease. 


Maharashtra is home to an array of companies that are associated with the automotive lubricant industry. Meeting the demands of the market, the gradual rise of premium lubricants empowers the development and growth of the industry. At the same time, the shift towards sustainable alternatives is taking the forefront to drive a cleaner and greener future. 



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