Which engine oil is good for a Hero Honda Splendor

Engine oils are integral for the smooth operation of the vehicle beause they provide essential lubrication and protection to the engine. These lubricants are necessary for the effective functioning of the engines of automobiles, heavy vehicles, motorcycles and a wide variety of vehicles. 

They don’t just prevent corrosion but also keep the engine cool, clean and promote the smooth transfer of energy in the engine. 

Concerning bikes especially, engine oils are vital in lubricating the moving parts of the engine because they create a streamlined and sleek flow between the parts. 

This adds to the continuous flow of oil within the system so that any form of friction or wear is brought to a minimum. 

This again depends heavily on the viscosity which is the fluid’s resistance to flow and the viscosity grade of the engine oil provides information about this flow resistance in the vehicle’s engine. 

The viscosity grade of the bike will vary as per the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer and the vehicle model. For example, the advised viscosity grade of Hero Honda Splendor will be different from the grade best suited for Royal Enfield

Since the former is considered to be the most popular bike in India, there are various suggestions as to which engine oil would be best for the bike. 

But before getting into that, it is important to know the specifications of the bike engine and the viscosity grade suitable for it.

What are the Engine Specifications for Splendor?

Prior to Splendor, there weren’t many options for customers when it came to motorcycles and those that were available weren’t low-efficient. 

However, when it was introduced, Hero Honda Splendor was known for its splendid build quality and reliability, fuel efficiency, longevity as well as the APDV engine which stands for Advance Pro-Series Digital Variable Ignition

The bike is characterized by electronic ignition and a 97.22 cc engine. 

This type of engine is used for improved burning of fuel, enhanced mileage and pick-up. Accordingly, meeting the requirements of this engine is critical for effective vehicle performance along with providing high efficiency. 


What is the Engine Oil Viscosity Grade for Splendor?

Some argue about using the 10W 50 viscosity grade for Splendor, however, the bike manufacturer recommends using the grade; SAE 10W 30 for the bike. SAE International which is formally known as the Society of Automotive Engineers is a US-based global organization that is responsible for developing the standards of automotive engineers in numerous industries. 

In that regard, SAE is a standard that is used for defining the viscosity grade and rating of engine oils. They mostly have ratings from 0 to 50.

Which Engine Oil is Recommended for Splendor?

Picking an engine oil for Splendor can be done by considering lubricants that offer qualities such as better thermal stability, anti-wear and enhanced shelf-life of the engine which will facilitate vehicle performance as well. 

Concurrently, using Supergen’s 10W 30 is preferable because it comes with specifications including a high viscosity index, high-quality base stocks, good anti-wear, thermal and anti-oxidation properties. 

It also decreases fuel consumption and escalates the engine life of your vehicle. 

Furthermore, Supergen’s 10W-30 are available in Mineral (Silver), Semi-Synthetic (Gold) and Premium Synthetic (Platinum) variants, are cost-effective and aid in the effortless operation of the engine. 


When do we change the engine oil for the Splendor bike?

Changing the engine can depend on the following factors;

  1. The type of engine oil you’re using
  2. Distance travelled regularly on the motorbike
  3. Driving behaviour, weather conditions and location

If you’re using mineral-based engine oil, then it is recommended to replace the oil every 1500-2000km. If you’re using semi-synthetic engine oil, it is advised to change the oil every 4500-5000km. Lastly, if you’re using synthetic engine oil, then it is suggested to change it every 6500-7000 km. The reason why you can travel the most with synthetic-based engine oil is because they tend to last longer than their counterparts.

(Ref: Quora – https://www.quora.com/Which-engine-oil-is-good-for-a-Hero-Honda-Splendour)


Using the right engine oil matters significantly in terms of the smooth functioning of the vehicle along with its maintenance and upkeep. For the specifications of the bike, using an engine oil grade that is recommended (SAE 10W 30) is critical. 

Subsequently, your engine preferences and requirements will decide whether using a mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic engine oil will work best with the bike, since they are known to offer varying characteristics and have their own pros and cons.  

On the other hand, it is also important to keep a check on the condition of your engine oil and remember to replace expired engine oils in timely intervals. This will inevitably ensure your bike is riding smoothly without any hassle and provides a convenient experience of engine maintenance. 



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