Which engine oil is best for my Maruti Wagon R?

Each car comes with its recommended engine oil type and grade, as per the particular engine type and design. In order to ensure the engine functions optimally, it is always important to stick to this recommendation. 

For all the models of Maruti Wagon R, the recommended engine oil is semi synthetic, while the grade should be 15W-40

Semi synthetic is a type of engine oil that is determined based on the chemical components of the oil and its quality. On the other hand, oil grade is the viscosity of the oil at different temperatures.

What is the engine oil capacity of Maruti Wagon R?

The engine oil capacity refers to the volume of engine oil that is required to completely fill the engine. When changing engine oil, it is important to completely drain the engine and only then refill it with fresh oil. For the Maruti Wagon R, the engine oil capacity differs in different models. Here is a list of engine oil capacities of Wagon R: 




Engine Oil Capacity

Wagon R+1.0



3.5 L



3.1 L



3.6 L



3.6 L

Wagon R +1.2



3.5 L



3.5 L

Wagon R +1.3



3.3 L



4.1 L



3.1 L

When should I change the engine oil in my Maruti Wagon R?

Engine oil fulfills lots of functions in an engine. It provides protection from pollution and corrosion and also lubricates the parts to ensure smooth functioning.

However, with time, the efficiency of engine oil reduces due to a number of factors and it can no longer function well. This is why engine oil must be changed from time to time.

If one neglects to do so, the engine can be damaged to a large extent. 

The duration after which engine oil must be changed varies from car to car. For all the models of Maruti Wagon R, the recommended duration to change the engine oil is 12 months or after the car has run 15000 kilometers

What is the engine life of the Maruti Wagon R?

The engine life of cars depends upon a lot of different factors. The amount of usage the car gets, the temperatures in which it is driven, the speeds at which it is driven, the quality and type of engine oil used, how often the oil is changed, how often the car is serviced, how it is maintained, and lots more. 

Generally, Maruti Wagon R models can be used comfortably up to 80000 kilometers, after which it would require a bit more maintenance. However, if serviced properly, it can be used up to 1.5 lakh kilometers and even more. 

How can I increase my Maruti Wagon R mileage?

There are many ways to increase mileage in a car, out of which a lot are simple, everyday solutions that we may not think of. Here are some common ways in which you can increase the mileage of your Wagon R, without making any big modifications.

  • Ensure that the car is not idling, the gear changes are correct and there is no unnecessary braking or accelerating. 
  • Shut off the air conditioner. This can give you up to 30% more mileage as fuel is not wasted in keeping the car cool.
  • Keep the tyre pressure as recommended by the manufacturer. Low tyre pressure can reduce mileage by 10-15%.
  • Shut the windows. The wind coming in from the windows can hamper the aerodynamics of the car and thus cause it to use more fuel.
  • Service the car regularly, since more issues with the car will automatically lead to a higher amount of fuel being used up.


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