Which engine oil is suitable for the Aprilia SR 150 & Aprilia SR 125

Which engine oil is suitable for the Aprilia SR 150?

Generally, when changing engine oil for vehicles, it is important to stick to the oil grade recommended by the manufacturer. Since engine oil varies according to thickness, different grades are suitable for different engines according to specific designs. For the Aprilia SR 150, the recommended engine oil and one that is most suitable is 20W-40 grade engine oil.

Which engine oil is best for Aprilia SR 125?

For the Aprilia SR 125 bike, the most suitable oil grade is 5W-40. This oil grade is recommended according to the specifications of the bike’s engine and the corresponding viscosity of the oil needed. 

Things to know about Aprilia

Aprilia is an Italian manufacturer of motorbikes and two wheeled scooters, which was started after World War 2 in Noale, Italy. The company, which initially only produced bicycles, soon started making scooters and motorcycles. Today, it is mainly known for its high powered sportbikes, which are involved in professional racing circuits such as Grand Prix and Superbike World Championship.

Popular Models of Aprilia



RS 660


Tuono 660



SR 160 Race

RSV4 Factory E5

SR 160

Tuono V4 E5

SR 125

Tuono V4 Factory E5

Storm 125

Engine oils for 150cc bikes

Each bike comes with its own recommended oil grade, which should be adhered to. However, generally 10W-30, 10W-40 and 20W-40 are the grades of engine oils that are recommended for 150cc bikes. However, this also may vary according to the temperature and the length of the journey on bike.

What are the different types of engine oil?

Before purchasing or changing engine oil, it is important to distinguish between the various types of engine oils that are available in the market today. There are three main types of engine oil: Mineral, Semi-Synthetic and Synthetic.

What is Mineral engine oil?

Mineral oil is refined petroleum oils that function under a wide range of temperatures. It undergoes various types of treatments, but is still considered the crudest type of engine oil, only used in older vehicles and motorbikes. Since mineral oil is crude, it offers very little lubrication and protection and is not suitable for colder temperatures.

What is Semi-Synthetic oil?

Semi-Synthetic oil is the middle ground between mineral oil and synthetic oil, which provides the performance of synthetic oil at the price of mineral oil. This type of oil is made by mixing together small amounts of synthetic oil with mineral oil. Semi-synthetic oil is viscous and water resistant but does not increase its price much.

What is Synthetic oil?

The last type of oil is synthetic oil, which is currently the cutting edge engine oil. This type of oil is fully optimised by treating mineral oil with a variety of processes. This oil offers superior lubrication and protection and can function well in any temperature. However, since it goes through many treatments, its cost is much higher than the other two types. 

Which type of engine oil is recommended for Aprilia?

As mentioned before, synthetic engine oil is the one that is most effective in terms of providing lubrication and protection from wear and tear, corrosion and pollutants. Since this is the most cutting edge technology in engine oils presently, synthetic oil is recommended for most modern vehicles, including Aprilia. 

How often should one change engine oil in Aprilia?

The duration and frequency with which to change engine oil depends on a lot of factors like the type and make of vehicle, the weather conditions, the type of engine oil used, the wear and tear of the vehicle, etc. In general however, with the use of modern, good quality lubricating engine oils, the recommended time to change the oil in aprilia is after 5000-7000 miles of usage. 



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