5 factors that adversely affect your engine's life

The functioning of a car is completely dependent on the health of its engine. If the engine of a car is not performing as well as it should be, then all other factors of your driving experience are affected adversely.

Luckily, keeping one’s engine in good shape is not as complicated as it might seem to some. While major issues in the engine would need to be fixed by professionals, there are certain day to day things that car owners can follow that would keep cars working optimally.

Similarly, there are certain simple mistakes that can ruin even the best of car engines. Here are 5 factors that adversely affect your engine’s life:

factors that affect your engine life

Driving style


A lot of the car’s performance has to do with the person driving it as well as their driving style. Every car has limits, which the driver should be well aware of and must keep in mind at all times. The speeds at which a car should be driven, the terrain on which it can go smoothly, the frequency at which you can drive as well as the distances you can, are all dependent on the type, model and design of a car. If a car is pushed beyond its limits, an engine failure soon follows. Similarly, if a car is driven roughly, with the driver braking too hard or turning too suddenly, that too can cause engine damage. 

Neglecting maintenance


It is often said that prevention is better than cure and this phrase is especially true when it comes to cars. Every car needs servicing once in a while, depending upon the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important that the engine oil be changed frequently, that the internal parts be cleaned, the cooling system maintained and the cables checked. Following a maintenance schedule can ensure that damage does not pile up and turn into a big issue. Furthermore, it is also important to be attentive to warning signs of break down. Unusual noises from the engine, issues with braking or accelerating, etc. can all point to a larger issue and thus to ensure the engine remains problem free, they should not be ignored. 

Unclean air filter


An engine requires proper cooling and a healthy flow of air in order for it to survive, just like us. The air filter of the engine can get clogged and dirty with repeated usage. This sort of blocked air filter can restrict the flow of air and ventilation into the engine. If the engine is not ventilated properly, there won’t be enough air in the combustion chamber and that would put extra pressure on the engine. This overload will push the engine to its limit and it would eventually break down with wear and tear. It is thus extremely important to ensure that the air filter is cleaned out regularly. 

Driving through water


The roads we drive on are full of potholes and indentations, which get filled with water in the monsoons. Similarly, people living in flood prone areas often have to drive through a significant amount of water to get anywhere. While driving through water may not be a choice, it should be avoided whenever possible. When water enters the engine, it can lead to hydrolock, which could cause irreparable damage. Thus, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to driving through water or puddles. 

Low quality engine oil


The engine oil is to the car what blood is to the human body. The oil has an important role in the engine as it protects all the internal parts and ensures there is no corrosion or pollution to harm it. This is why car companies emphasise on regular changes in engine oil. If the oil used in the car is of low quality, it can cause huge damage since it will be unable to properly protect and lubricate the engine. Thus, in order to make sure the engine is able to keep up with the wear and tear of the car, the engine oil needs to be of the best quality possible. 



The engine is like the heart of the car and is central in determining how the car functions. If the engine is healthy, so is the car and vice versa. While some engine issues are unavoidable and require professional help, there are certain simpler things that can unknowingly cause long term damage to the car. Thus, it is important to ensure that you are aware of the dos and don’ts of car usage to prolong the life of the engine through simple methods. 



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